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Merit pay, "move"
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On April 23, a cheerful SMS rings, exclusive of the bell let I can't wait pick up the phone to check up, "merit pay sum"!Heart secretly pleased, involuntarily wondering whether this month can reward yourself or buying something for your home...
Although merit pay is not much, but this is the fourth time in after one years to "own", it's too hard!As you all know, in 2014, due to the sharp oscillation wave and the second half of the international crude oil prices bluff type, seriously affected the company production and operation organizations and the completion of target, overall operation result is not ideal.In 2015, the company leadership and staff have to muster all his strength, hope to win benefit turnaround.Up and down from the beginning, the company will focus on "all procurement, stick market, expanding network, fast turnover, back to the capital, increasing benefits" principle, give priority to with me, proactive, close to the market, change strategy, adjust;Through the transformation of production and operation organizations, through optimizing production and follow the pace of market resources collection and so on, step by step, make the production and operation situation for the better development, better to complete the production and operation target, finally realized in the first quarter profit!New compensation "and" since then, the digestion after deducting all costs the company as a whole "really" profit for the first time, also have the basis of merit pay and bottom spirit.Companies adhering to the "credit than the contribution, the" theme, hope that through this performance wage distribution, embody the new performance appraisal system of binding, shift cadres, workers "dry mix a day one day", the thought of "eating big-pot roce", "responsibility and bear", the culture atmosphere of sharing "achievements", let the performance salary distribution to become the new normal, employee benefits are high.
Ma once said: "dream or to some, one thousand achieved"!Dream is here, look forward to bonuses in May Day hurry to come...

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