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Pure artful arrangement planning a concerted effort to cross the difficulties
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In April 2015 for checkout room personnel, had a busy and full.For inspecting the month to finish the production analysis tasks at the same time, also successfully completed industrial sulfur built before the execution of the new national standard post, personnel training, new purchase analysis instrument commissioning and replacement of industrial hexane production license audit work.
In April, on the other hand, due to the company this year to buy automatic lutetium gauge, gas chromatograph, ultraviolet light, moisture and so on several big analysis instrument in the arrival of the goods, almost every day have factory personnel present debugging.In order to cooperate with manufacturers debugging equipment, checkout room need in advance to prepare the appropriate installation site and spare parts, pipeline laying aerobic road, according to the standard methods all configured solution;Debugging process must have technical personnel the whole to cooperate.For industrial sulfur, on the other hand, the new national standard on May 1, 2015, checkout room must be finished before the revision of the new standard to build strongholds, operating rules and the analysis of personnel training, etc.By the end of April, full is busy as a bee, suddenly received a "a week later to meet industrial hexane production license renewal review", which means that the checkout room need to be in a week from the past five years a lot of raw materials, intermediate control and product parameter, the original records and inspection report compiled in accordance with the requirements of the audit of industrial hexane information, to supplement and perfect again...
All work must be finished in April, which will slow.
Dizzy!!!!Task, time is tight, more want to scalp pins and needles.At this point, the director luo what want a superhuman powers and rollinwang engineers!
In his quick wits!After the calm thinking, mobilize all the day, director of the ROM is divided into four groups, each group must be completed on schedule tasks: rollinwang responsible for debugging instrument with manufacturer;Monitor Liu Qianyun is responsible for the daily production task;Vice President Cao Ruiyuan responsible for new standard industrial sulfur built duty;ROM. Director is responsible for the replacement of industrial hexane audit preparation.Analysts are flexible deployment according to the actual needs.In this way, everyone and clear their own priorities and to find a way to complete, temporary organization coordination meeting to discuss the solution difficult problem.Through our consistent efforts, each work all get nervous and orderly progress, finally completed smoothly as scheduled on April 30 each work task, had a relatively easy "Labour Day".
Busy time always flies by.Review past April: although have JiHuo policy concerns, but more of a team work together, common ideas, spend the difficulties after the joy of success.Although this is just an ordinary unit work, reflect is the hull's people the spirit of solidarity, grasped the nettle, dare to struggle, and further confirm the truth of the "both together, tai shan shift".